March 23, 2020

Going digital for your safety and the safety of others

As most countries face lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people and businesses adapt to the remote set-up for work, as well as for personal activities. Increasingly fewer companies are using cash and online retailers and supermarkets encourage payment by card to ensure the safety of their employees, couriers, and clients. The digital world is witnessing an unexpectedly sudden development and the solution to overcome the physical restrictions is going online and digital.

In Quipu, we have started our digital transformation process and supported our clients in going in the same direction for a while now. Our customers, and the clients they are serving in return, are increasingly more accustomed to work online, with almost all transactions going via digital channels. This gives us comfort in knowing that the health risk related to activity in branches and with manual operations is significantly reduced.

Our digital channels and card payment services are supported with 100% capacity by our global teams and, we are fully behind banks and businesses to ensure their strategy is implemented securely and well in time, thus contributing to world-wide efforts of keeping the virus spread under control and reducing the stress caused by the disruption to business and to our every-day life.

Using cards

Using digital channels