Quipu Summer 2022 Internship

June 24, 2022

Join us! Our summer internship is in Skopje this year

We know that students have worked hard over the year and studied looking to build step by step a path for their successful professional future. They definitely need the time to unwind and relax. But the long summer vacation is also a good time to gain that hands-on experience they will need so much after school, so we have put together an internship programme that respects their youth and their development path.

Our Summer Internship 2022 is taking place in our Skopje, North Macedonia office, and students are welcome to join our development teams at work and during our many outside team events.

For almost 2 months (July 18th to September 9th, 2022) the students will be able to work 100 hours (with an average of 3 hours/day, 15 hours/week) alongside our technical teams that develop and implement the services we are offering our clients:

  • Core banking systems
  • E-banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Accounting
  • Treasury
  • CRM
  • Datawarehouse solutions

This Software Developer internship offers students the possibility to gain experience in several technologies based on their preferences or based on the discussion we have together and our recommendations. At the end of the programme, our interns would know about:

  • .NET and C#
  • RESTful API and WCF
  • Iron Python
  • MSSQL and T-SQL code
  • Design patterns and object-oriented principles
  • Creating a flexible user interface for existing and new features using WPF
  • MVVM design pattern
  • Creating views with XAML
  • Full-stack web development with Python, Django, and MS SQL Server
  • Creating data pipelines (ETL/ELT) with Python and SQL

The full details of the programme can be seen here: Summer Internship

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