March 24, 2020

Card payments for your safety

In this complex and continuously changing environment, limitless payments are essential. The plastic card usage has become thus even more important, being safer to use than cash (banknotes and coins).

How is card payment safer

  • Cards are tools which allow clients to purchase online without the need to leave their sofa and it is recommended that acquisitions are done more online rather than in physical premises.
  • Even when paying at a cashier in the shops, plastic cards are significantly safer than using cash (banknotes or coins), especially contactless cards that only the holder touches and are not inserted in a POS or handed out to another person.
  • Additionally, adding your cards to payment services such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, paying via phone or smartwatch reduce further the risk of contamination via equipment and surfaces.

How we support card payments

Taking into consideration te above, we are focused to ensure business continuity to our bank clients by providing them with plastic cards in due time. We are constantly assessing the situation and take all measures that, should any circumstances occur where providing cards to the clients will be more difficult, we are ready to support our clients well in advance:

  • We are providing re-issue cards in advance for the existing clients – this would help them have their cards available for a longer period, even if in some cases we are renewing a bit earlier.
  • We are providing pre-personalized cards in advance – the banks receive a pre-planned stock on their premises and in case it is required, they could assign a plastic card to a new client to support them for a certain period of time and ensure they have available this payment method
  • In parallel, we continue personalizing and providing plastic cards to the clients as per their request

Our on-premises activities are organized making sure health and security conditions are strictly met, whenever work from home is not possible, to ensure running of all services. We are supporting the efforts, always ensuring the well-being of our people and other stakeholders, by implemented strong health and safety practices in our sites and these are reinforced in line with changes to World Health Organisation or local government recommendations. Our team remains mobilized and organized in groups and shifts in such a way that we keep all security conditions, and cover requests for plastic cards for all our clients. As our customers have unique, evolving needs, our management team will also remain in constant contact with them, to address any concerns they may have.

Operating remotely with our clients is to us business as usual, and our team activity was facilitated by a fast relocation of our staff in a smart working environment. All our other projects are managed in the same manner, and, since we are having a virtual global team, there are no interruption of our services. Our processing centre is working at full capacity, supporting smooth operations for all clients. As important, we are in permanent communication with our collaborators, making sure that third parties involved in our processes, as we do, are operating on a strong business continuity plan and are fully operational.