April 3, 2020

Digital Channels for your safety

How are digital channels safer?

  • Using internet banking or mobile banking in your day-to-day life allow you to cover those payments and other money transfers without touching cash, having to go to an ATM for withdrawals and putting yourself at risk in the current context.
  • Not only are you not handling cash, but you can perform all transactions from the security of your home, without exposing you and your family now to the exterior.
  • Because you have your own account and dashboard, you are in control of all your transactions and can track payments and transfers, thus having a better control of your expenses.
  • Proofs of payments are always available to you through a mobile or internet banking platform so your relationship with partners, utility providers and other parties that require them is not at all impacted.

How we support banks with digital channels

It is for us business as usual to offer our bank customers channels that enable them to have remote access to their accounts and the possibility of managing funds without being physically present in any of the branches. Quipu electronic channels are adapted for a wide range of operations in different markets – from electronic banking tailored to more complex business needs to mobile banking for easier and faster personal access.

Quipu e-Banking deployed by most of the banks in our group provides a secure and extensive set of functionalities to its clients and was developed with the aim to provide a simple intuitive user experience. Thus, bank customers find it easy and efficient, supporting the effort of these days of making all transitions online. Additionally, the e-Banking platform provides a high degree of customization options and Quipu is ready to support the banks to adjust functionalities provided both generally and to specific users, complying to increasingly changing demands in the current environment.

To those banks who still have customers that hold an account, but not an internet banking service, we have developed a convenient and secure remote onboarding process that we can deploy to support any remote operations.

Quipu mobile banking in an application which also offers a variety of features, allowing bank customers to perform a range of banking services anytime from the privacy and security of their homes. There is no need for clients to physically go to the bank to request information about their banking situation or have bank employees register transactions on their behalf, they can do this themselves, from home, car or office if still in transit, using just their mobile phones, always at hand.

All phones operating on iOS and Android platform are compatible with the mobile banking applications we offer banks. The application can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store, like any other app, and activations, should the customer hold an internet banking account is done by most banks remotely, via phone, which is now highly important under a lockdown situations which most of the countries are facing.

The mobile banking simplifies finances management and is in line with the direct banking strategy which ProCredit Group is deploying, offering their clients easy and secure access to banking operations, and allowing them to make a wide range of financial transactions online. Developed with the purpose of taking the whole banking experience to another level, enhanced with flexibility and transparency, the internet banking and mobile banking applications bring now an added value of security, both in terms of platform and transactions, but more so, now, your physical security.

In this complex and challenging environment, we keep our security standards high and make it a priority to keep our applications safe, protecting the customer account’s confidentiality and the integrity of all transactions. Our mobile banking is supported via e-Banking credential authentication, SSL encryption, device identification, and timeout and password requirements which we have put in place and are constantly monitoring. Communication with the mobile banking platform is done through HTTPS.  Additionally, we have the possibility of integration of KOBIL/KTMS (KOBIL Trusted Message Sign) which provides a high-level of security without making the user experience more difficult.

Customers can be assured that all these security measures guarantee the safety of their accounts and focus now more on the wellbeing of their family and close ones.