May 6, 2020

E-commerce – an increasingly safe way in which to keep in touch with your customers

The world is slowly starting to move out of the lock-down, but things will never be quite the same as before; we have used technology heavily, like e-commerce, in order to stay connected and function to the best of capabilities during this period of time when the pandemic has blocked most of us from getting outside. Technology will continue to be an imperative in our effort of making the world a safer place. Businesses have proved keen on seamless connectivity with their customers and we have increased capacities in supporting their online activity to its best.

E-commerce had a steady growth during past years and the projections were showing a continuation in a very solid pace, which during the lock-down due to COVID-19 got to a much faster rhythm. Although slowly in most of the countries we emerge from the pandemic crisis, the new situation will continue to boost e-commerce as most of consumers will stay with the online channels.

Our Processing Centre in Quipu offers banks a platform for e-commerce secure payment processing which is linked to VISA and MasterCard payment systems. As such, merchants can set up an online payment panel with the support of their bank that will add an online acquiring channel for accepting online payment transactions through the merchants’ websites.

Quipu Processing Centre hosts a payment gateway that processes the e-commerce transactions. As for all our services, security plays a crucial role – to reduce the merchant’s exposure to fraud risk, as well as to increase end-customer online safety, all transactions are processed with 3D Secure.

We have experienced a significant increase in deploying our e-commerce solution to clients worldwide, with bank business clients that have understood that, though on lock-down, businesses need to continue and support families and economies even in tough times. With our e-commerce merchant integration service, banks have integrated clients’ new or already established online payment platforms.

Quipu Processing Centre solution includes support throughout implementation and certification with VISA\MasterCard, pilot testing and full set-up of the e-commerce platform, with additional consulting and project-based services, namely merchant integration – on-site testing and support for the merchant with integration and support for 3D Secure certification with Visa and MasterCard. Our Payment Gateway supports major commercial plugins, such as WordPress / WooCommerce, PHP Plugin, .NET plugin, Native API, Open Cart, etc. The overall merchant on-boarding is very smooth, and the solution is highly customizable. Our Payment Gateway solution supports both mobile and desktop version of interfaces enabling users to easily complete online purchases regardless the device.

At a glance, our e-commerce solution is:

  • Fast – a classic deploy takes from 3 to 5 days from request to implementation, depending also on merchant capabilities, bank processes and local regulations.
  • Reliable – certifications and security are at the basis of our solution and customer support in ensured under a 24/7 emergency service
  • Comprehensive – from risk management to fees management, dispute processing and reporting, you have a complete solution to manage merchant online payments with no data missing

You can read more technical details of our e-commerce solution here.

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