March 28, 2017

Cheque Deposits in ATM

The Cheque Deposits in ATM service offers a convenient platform that enables bank customers to make cheque deposit transactions through ATMs using their debit card. The process of depositing cheques is safe and reliable. The cheques are processed after an internal validation of their authenticity, based on criteria defined by the bank.

Once the cheque has been validated, the image is sent to the bank’s back office to start the clearing process, just like a cheque received over the counter at a branch. Depending on the procedures, the funds can be made available within the same day or up to one day after the cheque was deposited in the ATM. No envelopes or deposit slips are needed.

Any customer, whether a private individual or a business client, who holds a card issued by the bank can deposit cheques at a cash-in ATM at any time, any day of the week. The service can be configured so that the customer can deposit cheques issued by the same bank, as well as other local banks.

Customers find it easy to follow these simple steps:

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