January 11, 2017

ATM Withdrawal by Code – making cardless transactions available for bank customers

ATM Withdrawal by Code is a service developed to support banks in their efforts to move towards cashless branches. It also enables customers to make withdrawals, even if they temporarily do not have a card linked to their account.

The ATM Withdrawal by Code service adds efficiency and helps customers make better use of ATMs by allowing any account holder to access their money, even if they have lost their card or are waiting for their first card to be issued. In addition to ATM withdrawals, the code can also be used for balance enquiries. In order to perform secure transactions, customers need to go to a branch and apply for a code for their account, which will be valid for a selected period of time.

The ATM Withdrawal by Code service is delivered as follows:

  • After being identified by the bank in person in the branch, customers opting for the ATM Withdrawal by Code service fill in a form specifying the source account, the amount that can be withdrawn, and the desired period of validity.
  • Following registration, the customer then receives an 8-digit code.

To withdraw cash, the customer accesses the ATM menu without using a plastic card and selects the Withdrawal by Code option, then enters the code. If all the specified data are correct, the ATM dispenses the requested amount of money.

Here’s how it works:

This service has been implemented in ProCredit Bank Georgia and is available for all our customers upon request.

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