December 18, 2017

Enhanced Smart ATM Multi-Vendor Solution

As much as you, your customers like to be flexible with their time and do as many banking operations as possible without the pressure of branch schedule. Make that easy for them!

Quipu has set up an enhanced smart ATM multi-vendor solution, which ensures higher customer satisfaction and efficient operations for your bank, as well as for your customers. No doubt about it!

There are several advantages in using the solution, with straight forward “machine communication”, supporting your customers in using the ATM:

  • Customers will know the exact location of the ATM and the ATM ID, which will help them locate it faster in case they need help from the bank’s call centre;
  • The language preference can be instantly changed during the transaction flow;
  • PIN validation take place prior to any transaction. This reduces the time of the whole transaction in case the customer enters the wrong PIN;
  • In the same direction of time gain, the customer can store transaction preferences with just one click;
  • Customers will know upfront which the banknotes are available, prior to starting the transaction;
  • Additionally, a detailed banknotes amount is displayed when depositing money, and there is a further possibility of adding more;
  • The new interface simulates a printed version of a receipt on the screen, to confirm transaction, and e-mailing of the receipt is to be implemented shortly;
  • Bill payment options, as well as mobile top-ups are available at the ATM.

To support your marketing and customer relationship efforts, several facilities are offered by the solution:

  • Video can be uploaded remotely;
  • You can store language preferences depending on the area of the network;
  • You can store language preferences per customer and automatically detect and display their options in the entire network of your bank worldwide;
  • The home screen can be personalized customer’s name and surname thorough your network, making communication more personal and direct;
  • You can collect online feedback from your customers without repeating the request for every transaction – you can store the information and mark customers who already took the survey;

The smart ATM multi-vendor solution is designed to increase customer satisfaction, but has been thoroughly enhanced with powerful security features for seamless and secure transactions. The centralized monitoring application stores the geo-location of the ATM network, and offers percentage CPU usage monitoring to detect systems under attack by monitoring performance changes. The application supports detailed remote diagnostic, allowing for well-targeted on-site intervention because of knowing what the exact problem is. All security events are monitored and logged.

The solution is PADSS compliant, and supports remote software distribution – centralized distribution of Windows updates / upgrades (with free updates to Windows Enterprise/10 version).

The ATM lock-down features allow for white-listing of applications and secures any external application from running. It has Malware protection and the application updates and patching are certificate base, with all USB ports locked down.

The video below highlights the successful implementation of our enhanced smart ATM multi-vendor solution to our ProCredit Bank client in Kosovo.

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