February 6, 2024

Taking payments to an international level x Baobab Bank

We partnered with Baobab Madagascar Bank to take payments to an international level by introducing to the market a new offer of international cards. The project’s goal was to provide card personalization and transaction processing services to the bank. Upon the project’s completion, Baobab Bank not only launched to the market two new international cards powered by Mastercard but also became a MasterCard Issuer and ATM Acquirer in the country.  


Client: Baobab Banque Madagascar  


Region: Africa 



Timing is usually one of the biggest challenges in a project, in this project it was really important for the bank to go live with the new cards as soon as possible, other stakeholders like Mastercard were involved in the project, after some amazing timeline management and negotiation from the team with the different stakeholders involved, the project was rolled out successfully into production before the end of the year 2023. 

A smooth integration to Mastercard was a key task for the success of this project, agreeing on the ideal and more secure setup for the connectivity of the transactions was achieved. 


Our approach:  

Using the expertise gained from other bank implementations, Quipu used a pro-active approach when handling this project. We were willing to listen to our customers’ needs and requirements and tried to accommodate those as best as we could against our systems’ capabilities. In cases where we saw areas which could have resulted in potential errors/faults in the future, we recommended other solutions to be implemented. 


Card Payment Services provided: 

As a result of our partnership with Baobab they are now offering debit and prepaid cards with contactless technology able to perform transactions on ATMs and POSs, both domestically and internationally, the 3D secure feature was also implemented as part of the solution allowing the cardholders to make online payments in a secure manner.  

The bank is also a MasterCard ATM Acquirer, allowing cardholders of other banks to make withdrawals when needed. 


  • Debit cards  
  • Contactless technology  
  • 3D secure  


  • ATM  driving