March 4, 2024

Honouring achievements – 20 years of Quipu

Dear colleagues, partners, and friends,

There are many ways in which one envisions the future, and there are many ways in which it can go. The dreams that were at the start of our path are the very true objectives we are reaching towards – to make a difference, to have an impact, to be at the forefront of development there in the areas that matter to us, to be a driver of growth, a supporter of like-minded partners, a strong part of the system that holds together businesses and communities.

March marks the anniversary of our company – for 20 years we are on this path of development, supporting our banking partners to deliver services to their customers at levels they also dreamed about when they started their work. Before any business plan, before any formalization, there was a vision to be impactful in areas where banking was not available to all. From this, we grew together into a successful group that throughout time has developed and grown and extended those dreams even bigger. Through many changes and through many challenges, we have succeeded together to arrive here on a day where we can see way beyond what we initially thought we could do.


There were two decades in which we have learned incredibly much, in which we have met so many people who put their knowledge and capabilities in shaping the organization we are today, but who above all put their souls and passion into it and built brick by brick giving us the strength we needed to face any adversity, embrace uncertainty, and remain open to novelty.

There were two decades in which we built partnerships so strong that lasted for so long, because both ourselves, and our partners were always willing to be part of a healthy conversation, even when uncomfortable, always willing to learn from each other, willing to support each other in all circumstances, and willing to land a hand whenever difficult. The trust we have put in each other, and the common vision we are fighting for are key points that shaped our success, and we would have never been the same without it.


As we celebrate this important milestone on our path, we are trustful that our partnerships and the people who work building and sustaining them are the ones that will take us further. Always being better, serving our partners, our clients, and our colleagues in ways that are relevant and valuable will remain our mission for the next decades, as well.

We want to take this opportunity and celebrate our anniversary together with all those close to Quipu, and we extend our deepest gratitude and the acknowledgment of what an honour it is to have walked this path together. This is a result that is not only ours in Quipu as an institution, but ours and all our team members, our partners, and our friends along the way.

Going further, we want to reflect on the history that we have lived, mark this present moment now worth celebrating, and design on this basis our next journey together. Fostering innovation, focusing on quality, leaving our strong mark, and working for a sustainable environment – here is the new Quipu, building on our legacy and always looking towards a bright future!



May we celebrate together for decades to come!

Quipu Management Team