May 16, 2024

Banking for start-ups: serving a constantly growing market with technology that matters.

Understanding the market

In the peak of modern finance, one thing is abundantly clear: startups and freelancers represent a vast and somewhat untapped market opportunity for the banking sector.  As the entrepreneurial spirit continues to flourish, fueled by the innovation and drive of Millennials and Gen Z, banking institutions find themselves facing a demographic with different expectations and needs than those of previous generations.

These digital natives are not bound by conventional work structures or geographic limitations. They are the essence of the digital nomads, working remotely, traveling the globe and bringing new ways of doing business to the table. It is because of their new way of thinking and perceiving business and work that start-ups and freelancers are in a client league of their own.

According to in their article How Banks Can Evolve to Meet Younger Generations’ Shifting Priorities “banking experts, younger generations want emerging technology seamlessly integrated into their daily banking experience. Furthermore, they’ve come to expect a consistent, user-friendly experience with any touchpoint they have with the bank. Many are also demanding flexibility that adapts to their lifestyle, from access to digital services as well as brick-and-mortar locations to multiple channels where users can communicate with the bank (in-app support, virtual assistants and more).”

This market not only represents an opportunity for banks to attract and retain new customers for the next years to come, but also represents an opportunity to adopt technology as the cornerstone of their commercial offer, operations and business strategy.


A digital-first solution approach

ProCredit Bank Macedonia introduced a special offer for startups and freelancers, including a new package of services that facilitates allowing new businesses to manage their finances in a more easy and flexible way.

One of the main benefits of the startup package is having free account maintenance for the first two years from the company’s founding date. This is a strong statement of support for the community of new entrepreneurs and a signal of trust in their potential growth. Also, entrepreneurs will now be able to make their daily payments in the country free of charge. In addition, with this package they will enjoy the lowest and fixed commissions for transactions with foreign countries, as well as automated and free inflows from abroad, making international business easier and more profitable. The Start-up package allows ProCredit to have a digital approach with the start-up clients, allowing them to open an account online, have complete digital access to accounts, request a business debit/credit card, as well as make and manage their transactions from anywhere and at any time with their e-banking app.


A commitment that goes beyond business

HIVE session

Driven by the commitment to encourage innovation and economic progress by supporting the local community, ProCredit Bank Macedonia, Quipu and Mastercard offer a unique opportunity for all startups and freelancers in Skopje – HIVE Room, a co- working space free for use place with the goal to provide a place to exchange and foster ideas, knowledge and create a strong community that will bring positive change and development of the society.

“Hive Room is not only a business space that offers a solid infrastructure, but also a place that will offer start-ups and freelancers the opportunity for networking and accessing consulting services, putting them on the right path to success,” said Andrei Georgescu, Chairman of the Management Board.

HIVE Room is a modern equipped office space, that has six work positions that can be used modularly for a team or for individuals.  Users of this space also have access to all Property One’s common areas (the full co-working space), including relaxation areas, a kitchen with free hot drinks, private lockers, as well as special rooms for telephone conversations. In addition to the free working spaces, and with the goal to promote conversations about entrepreneurship and share business ideas, this project also includes “HIVE sessions” events in which leaders of the start-ups and from the entrepreneur world are invited to tell their story and inspire others.

So far, over 200 people including freelancers and startups have enjoyed the benefits of our coworking space, while 80 individuals have taken the opportunity to participate in our HIVE sessions.

Through these initiatives, Quipu strengthens its commitment to support and promote innovation to help reach new markets and ProCredit Bank confirms its strategic position as a bank that supports the local startup and freelance community.

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