July 11, 2018

Meet our team and payment experts at Quipu User Group in Accra – present and future of card payments

On September 12th-13th -14th in Accra, Ghana, Quipu User Group will bring together our company payment experts, partners and clients to discuss the future of banking and electronic payments, huge changes introduced by PSD2 and open banking, technology behind financial inclusion, agency banking concepts and trends, new trends in card and ATM services and other emerging developments.

In Quipu Processing Centre, we know that there is no “one size fits all” solution to digital transformation. There are often huge differences between institutions when it comes to the means they use to achieve it, as well as their goals. For this reason, we will continue accompanying our clients in every step along the path of digitalization and the Quipu User group will be a great occasion to strength our partnership.

During those days, Quipu will proceed with the presentations on different topics and trends regarding card payments and the emerging payment landscape in the banking sector in Africa and beyond. Quipu User Group will bring its partners out on the stage – MasterCard and KAL are to present their solutions and how, together with Quipu, they are creating a better ecosystem in the payment industry. Additionally, some of Quipu clients will have the chance to present and to share their success stories.

Quipu User Group aims, among others, to support the strengthening of the banking environment in the African Region.