March 30, 2017

High Volume Deposit Service

The High Volume Deposit Service is an innovative system ideal for business customers of banks that manage high volumes of cash and need to streamline deposit operations, effectively closing the cash management loop.

The High Volume Deposit terminals can be made available to customers in self-banking areas. The terminals count the money as soon as it is deposited, allowing both customer and bank to know the amount in real time. This means that the funds are available immediately after the operation is completed. The advantage for the bank is that, because the terminals are permanently connected to the accounts, it can plan its cash collection operations according to the amounts deposited.

The High Volume Deposit terminals have a friendly interface and are easy to use. Customers need to have previously opened an account with the bank and have a card linked to this account. They can then enter a self-service area and deposit their cash whenever they want. The High Volume Deposit terminals have an intelligent feeding system with a “drop in” function for fast deposit of banknotes and coins. Technically, the deposits are temporarily stored in the escrow bay for approval before they are moved to the safe and the deposit transaction is finalised. Depending on the model, the escrow capacity can be up to 500 banknotes and the processing capacity up to 1000 banknotes per minute. The system prints receipts. It also recognises counterfeit banknotes.

The service is currently available to customers in the 24/7 zones of the ProCredit banks in Bulgaria, Romania and Georgia.

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