Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are part of the product portfolio supported by Quipu Processing Centre (QPC).

In combination with 3D Secure, they offer cardholders a highly flexible way to make Internet purchases.

A virtual card is a product designed for the “card not present” environment and as such there is no physical plastic card produced (no magnetic stripe or chip, no signature panel, no client name and no online PIN). It can be issued to customers as an additional card and may be connected to a prepaid account. Virtual cards effectively work the same way as prepaid cards linked to a separate cardholder account which can be topped up with funds using different terminals or transfers. They are personalised on a reference paper card with PAN, expiry date and CVV2. The customer selects the card expiration in days, the amount limit and the quantity of operations.

QPC’s solution is particularly suitable for customers who

  • do not wish to use their existing VISA/MC card number on the Internet
  • want to keep their “real” and “virtual” payments and account balances separate
  • wish to have a dedicated card for Internet Shopping

Quipu provides full support in the process of certification with the payment Systems.