At Quipu Processing Centre, we ensure that you and your cardholders experience the benefits of being part of the domestic and global card payment Networks.


Owing to the location and infrastructure of the QPC data centre, it is an attractive route used by processors or banks with in-house processing centres to switch transactions and files to international payment systems – Visa, MasterCard and UPI. In this scheme of services QPC manages neither the terminals nor the card database, it simply acts as a network hub. A host-to-host connection is created between the bank/processing centre and QPC. QPC provides issuing switching when the card database is hosted in the bank’s in-house processing centre and routes the incoming traffic from external payments systems via the established host-to-host connection. QPC also provides acquiring switching to external payment systems through the established host-to-host connection for transactions acquired through the terminals connected to the bank’s in-house or outsourced processing centre.

QPC switching service is an economical alternative for banks wishing to connect their in-house or outsourced processing centre to VisaNet or MasterCard. Clearing and settlement files are forwarded back and forth through QPC between the bank and the external payment system. In general, the native file formats of the respective payment system are used.


In addition to switching, QPC’s payment scheme services also comprise issuer functions (hosting the card database) and/or acquirer functions (terminal driving). Our payment scheme services typically integrate local, national and international switching schemes to ensure the optimal routing and acceptance of your card-based transactions and maximise card usage in the respective Networks.

The services cover the complete transaction life cycle, including authorisation, clearing and settlement.