Debit Cards

Quipu Processing Centre (QPC) provides financial institutions with high quality debit card management solutions, imposing the online authorisations that ensure a high level of risk management control.

Debit cards can be linked to a customer’s default current account, or they can be linked several products, including savings accounts and multicurrency services.

QPC’s authorisation process is directly connected online to any core banking system, checking the cardholder’s account balance in real time in order to prevent unauthorised overdrafts. Funds are automatically debited from the customer’s account and electronically transferred to the respective ATM account, merchant account, or external payment system account

QPC can work with either of the following two models:

  • Balance managed by the processing centre – this is used in cases where the card account is separate from the holder’s normal current account
  • Balance managed by the core banking system – in this case the authorisation system interacts online with the core banking system during the transaction to retrieve the balance from the core banking system before approval