Customer Support

Quipu Processing Centre offers Customer Support worldwide, 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Our Customer Support Unit provides assistance for your daily operations through our Service Desk platform consisting of technical system troubleshooting, EFT transaction investigation, administrative procedures and standard configurations for our card processing products, and additional configuration applications.

Our Support Unit monitors our online transaction processing, hardware and application resources 24/7. The CSU is ready to assist you in any emergency and can be contacted directly through our Hotline number or via our Skype Hotline account. Behind the scenes we have 3 levels of technical support working to resolve issues. The issues are prioritised, and in cases where the issue at hand requires configuration changes or some controls to be implemented to ensure smooth functioning, other specialised teams are brought in.

Our Implementation Team is known for their “make it happen” enthusiasm and their commitment to making sure that your business ideas work in practice. The Implementation Team also provides advanced support and consultancy services to ensure that the banks we serve are able to meet the regulations and mandates imposed by governments, central banks, Payment Systems, vendors, suppliers and other entities.

Our Operations Team stand firmly behind the stability and performance of our systems.

The strength of our teams is founded on their solid knowledge and experience of our card processing platform, the Payment Systems Rules and Regulations, and their proven ability to create compatible interfaces and integrated systems.