Credit Cards

Quipu Processing Centre provides financial institutions with an advanced solution to manage credit cards, including both company cards (offered to business clients for their employees to make purchases on behalf of the company) and consumer cards (offered to private individuals).

Quipu’s credit card processing solutions cover both MasterCard and Visa, and support the following functions:

  • Create any number of credit contracts, both homogenous (assuming the same parameters) and heterogeneous (assuming various limits, interest rates, schedules) in order to suit any individual cardholder
  • Set varied credit limits for different types of transaction
  • Allow various repayment options
  • Prioritise repayments based on transaction type (purchase, cash withdrawal, bank commission, etc.) or based on transaction date
  • Set different responses to overdue payments based on overdue period (block card, send notification, close account, send to debt collection system, charge commission, charge interest, etc.)
  • Set authorisation limits either for each currency separately or as a single total limit aggregating all currencies
  • Assign individual credit limits for cards (apart from the limits specified in credit contracts)
  • Calculate all fees and interest
  • Calculate minimum payment amounts
  • Perform credit repayments (manually or in batch mode)
  • Generate statements and reports using an extensive set of customisable templates
  • Generate reports containing delinquency accounts for collection