Cloud Services

Quipu Cloud Services enable financial institutions to adopt a thinner, more flexible local IT structure and also provide a valuable business continuity safeguard. Our Cloud Services include a state of the art geo-clustered datacentre, a global IT administration team and global IT processes.

Quipu Cloud Services offer an effective alternative to locally hosted datacentres and provides remote online access to services and resources. Quipu ensures the configuration and operations of the systems to fully integrate your business, and provides training to your local staff. By accessing our applications and their functions remotely, you make use of our infrastructure with no need to continuously invest in hardware, software, upgrades, and complex networks. Skilled personnel are serving your business on a current-needs basis, and you are assured of the security of your systems. Access to your information is subject to a subscription fee, and you can decide on the level of services based on your business requirements.