Card Sorting

Card sorting is a service that supports the banks in the stock management and shipping of cards, customs problems and all other issues related to the logistic part.

The process of branches distributing cards to clients is a complex and time-consuming one. In order to support the Banks with this process, Quipu offers card sorting, manually dividing personalized cards in different envelopes, which are sorted by branches. This service enables the Banks to further improve card distribution to the branches and to the clients, as well as release resources from performing manually this process in their premises, so that they can be engaged in other projects.

Cards are packed in special air-envelopes, with special stickers attached, labelled with the names of dedicated offices. In addition, in countries where DHL is providing domestic services, this service helps DHL to distribute cards directly to branches, without the need to send cards first to head office. This also has an impact on the delivery time to the client.