Card Mailing and Packing

Our card mailing machines affix the cards to different formats meeting the highest security standards, and have a capacity of 50,000 packed cards per month.

Personalised cards are attached to an A4 letter inside an envelope, thus disguising the content. The letter can be printed with customised information, e.g. instructions related to the product, or details of an additional product offered by the bank. Marketing information can also be printed on the envelope itself, or a separate brochure can be inserted in the envelope. Each card is packed in a separate envelope with a window displaying the client information printed on the letter. If the bank wishes to dispatch the cards from the clients’ respective branches, this information can be used to sort the envelopes into branch-specific batches.

Our card mailing and packing machine also carries out a complete card quality control. It can check for consistency between the magnetic stripe, chip, highly embossed, flat printed or laser engraved information, and can compare the values against a database to ensure security. For example, at the request of the bank it can compare all of the aforementioned data against photos, signatures, fingerprints and other customer-specific parameters for 100% quality control.

We work closely with our logistic partners to guarantee timely and cost-efficient delivery of the cards to any location in the world.