ATM Driving

QPC provides a full ATM solution that includes driving of the ATMs, 24/7 monitoring of the ATMs, authorising ATM transactions, and switching them to the various issuer hosts.

The service includes:

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Service Desk
  • ATM network monitoring
  • ATM monitoring through event notification
  • Terminal key management
  • ATM reconciliation reports
  • Disputes processing
  • Reporting

We provide step-by-step support and consultation in the implementation of ATM services:

  • Consultancy service for communicating with ATM vendors
  • ATM vendor selection: Support in the evaluation of ATM models and the respective protocols; we can work with a wide range of compatible ATM vendors and models
  • ATM scenario development: preparation and testing of screens and scenario workflows, configuration of full EMV states for all transaction flows for On-Us and Not-On-Us acquiring
  • Terminal certification: QPC assists you in obtaining terminal integration and interoperability certification by helping you to carry out full test cases and submit compliance reports to ensure that the ATM terminals are in line with payment system standards mandates
  • Post-implementation monitoring: ATM event notifications and connectivity monitoring by QPC Customer Support

By installing easy-to-use automated terminals, you will be able to offer cardholders access to financial and non-financial services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can avoid long lines at your branches and extend your services to remote locations.