Quipu Accounting is the newest Quipu software solution. It is designed to meet all of the requirements of small and medium-sized financial institutions with respect to accounting operations. Quipu Accounting can be localised to comply with central bank regulations, and customised to meet institutional and technical needs, as well as the stipulations of donors and shareholders.

Quipu Accounting is an extremely versatile, customisable tool for analysing and reporting management information and financial data, capable of adaptation to central bank regulations, institutional and technical needs and the requirements of donors and shareholders.

Quipu Accounting represents a qualitative step forward:

  • The use of SQL databases affords a high degree of security.
  • The bookkeeping is highly transparent because it is possible to see through a ledger account to the underlying banking transactions. Among other advantages, this makes it easy to monitor for inconsistencies.
  • Graphical interfaces make data input extremely user-friendly.