3D Secure

Quipu’s advanced e-commerce solution allows cardholders to participate in the Verified by Visa and MasterCard’s SecureCode schemes.

Prior to the development of 3D Secure, cardholders participating in e-commerce were not sufficiently well protected, and many were deterred by bad experiences. In response, the electronic payment systems introduced this three-domain protocol model as an additional layer of security when making online credit and debit card transactions. The basic concept is to tie the financial authorisation process to online authentication using an access control server.

Quipu Processing Centre (QPC) hosts the platform on which users can register their Visa Card or MasterCard while making a purchase online (the “Activation During Shopping” enrolment method (ADS)), thus enabling them to make use of this service instantly. This strengthens the confidence of cardholders and encourages them to use their cards in an ever growing online merchant network.

QPC also provides full certification support for both VISA and MasterCard payment systems.