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We appreciate your interest in our institution and your visit to this website. This CV-Uploader webpage and the selection process itself are the responsibility of:

Quipu GmbH

Königsberger Str. 1

60487 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

By ticking the box “yes” on our CV-Uploader webpage you accept our Privacy Statement and agree that the data you submit may be stored and processed by Quipu GmbH (together “Quipu”) and its affiliated companies, including its parent company ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGaA, Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany (together “ProCredit”), for selection or recruitment purposes. At the same time, you agree to allow Quipu staff members to contact you for selection purposes. You can withdraw your consent at any time by informing the institution’s Human Resources Department via the following email address

Use and Disclosure of Personal Data and Purpose Specification

Quipu will use the personal data you submit to the website solely for the purpose of assessing your eligibility and suitability for selection. In all countries in which Quipu institutions operate, Quipu will treat your data as confidential in accordance with the respective applicable data privacy laws. You are responsible for ensuring that the data provided are correct and true. You can view your data at any time.

The selection process within Quipu entails co-operation between the local Human Resources Department, the Group HR Department in Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany, and (if applicable) the local head of the department which is accepting applications. The Quipu HR staff and managers may belong to different companies within the ProCredit group, i.e. your data may be transferred from one company to another within the ProCredit group. Your personal data will be saved in a database on a central web server in Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany.

Your personal data will only be disclosed to third parties where required by applicable law.

Security Measures

We use appropriate security measures in order to protect the data under our control against manipulation, loss, destruction, access by unauthorised persons and unauthorised disclosure. Our security procedures are constantly enhanced as new technology becomes available. The data transfer between your local browser and our CV-Uploader system is encrypted via https.

Deletion of Personal Data

Should your application be rejected, your personal data will be automatically deleted after six months? You can also request the relevant Quipu institution to delete your profile at any time by contacting the institution’s Human Resources Department via the following email address

After Selection

If you successfully complete the selection process, we will request further data necessary for the programme or position for which you have been selected. These data will be transferred from the CV-Uploader system to the country-specific HR Administration System, where they will be stored and processed. After this transfer has taken place, these data will no longer be available in the CV-Uploader System.