Environmental Statement

Minimising our negative impact on the environment and proactively promoting a sustainable way of doing business is an integral part of our business strategy and in our own day-to-day operations.

Our Environmental Statement states our view.

We adhere to the following key principles to continuously improve our environmental performance:
•    Identifying environmental aspects and impacts of our business activity
•    Developing and implementing measures to mitigate environmental impact
•    Using resources as efficiently as possible
•    Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and international standards
•    Raising environmental awareness among our staff
•    Minimising environmental and social impact of our lending operations, at the level of the group
•    Encouraging our clients to invest in an environmentally sound way

Our vision of development entails social and environmentally conscious management, the dissemination of technologies and knowledge and the creation of jobs. This is why we support businesses which, like us, have realised that economic growth should not be achieved at the expense of the environment. Our Group Impact Report for the previous year is available here: ProCredit Group Impact Report.

Quipu, together with the other Germany-based ProCredit institutions have received EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) certification and ISO 14001:2015 certification.