Senior Scrum Master/Agile Coach – Prishtina

Senior Scrum Master/Agile Coach – Prishtina

We are in search of an experienced and enthusiastic Senior Scrum Master/Agile Coach to join our team in Prishtina. The ideal candidate is a proficient professional committed to cultivating an Agile culture and environment at organisational level. In this senior role, you will be a key driver in our Agile transformation journey, using your knowledge and skills to improve the abilities of individuals and teams throughout the organisation.

Our expectations on you:

Your focus will be on implementing best practices and fostering a collaborative environment that brings out the best in every team member.

You will play a pivotal role in mentoring and coaching everyone through this transformation. Your guidance will be instrumental in empowering team members to embrace Agile principles, adopt new methodologies, and contribute to the overall success of our Agile initiatives.

You should have a sharp mind for identifying problems and thrive in finding effective solutions. Your ability to proactively address challenges will be instrumental in steering our teams towards continuous improvement and success.

What we expect from you

Skills and Experience

Skills and Experience

  • Having technical background: degrees in Computer Science or equivalent areas

  • At least 10 years working experience

  • At least 3 years dedicated to Agile roles, like Scrum Master or Agile Coach

  • Working with more than 2 teams, each team size should be bigger than 5

  • Understanding of multiple Agile frameworks, not only Scrum, but lean, SAFe or other scaled Agile framework. It can be demonstrated by certificates or working experience or references proven of record

  • Plus: be part of local Agile community

  • Plus: experience working with senior leaders

Desired Skills

Desired Skills

  • Certified Scrum Professional - ScrumMaster (CSP-SM) or equivalent certification

  • Experience working in cross-functional and geographically distributed teams.

  • Knowledge of multiple Agile frameworks (Kanban, SAFe, etc.).

Prishtina Office

Quipu Card Personalisation Centre in Prishtina was founded in 2004 and it is a modern and flexible centre for card personalisation and maintenance of automated equipment (ATMs and POS terminals), owned by Quipu.

Prishtina Office

What your key responsibilities will be:

Facilitate Agile Ceremonies: 

Lead and facilitate ceremonies for scaled teams, including Planning, Daily Stand-ups, Reviews, and Retrospectives, ensuring their effectiveness and alignment with Agile principles.

Empower Self-Organization: 

Cultivate a self-organizing team culture by promoting autonomy, accountability, and continuous improvement. Work towards becoming redundant as the team matures and takes ownership of their processes.

Remove Waste Using Lean Thinking: 

Identify and eliminate process inefficiencies and unnecessary activities to streamline workflows and minimize waste. Act as a catalyst for continuous improvement, applying Lean thinking principles to optimize the team’s value delivery. Work towards creating a lean and efficient process that reduces unnecessary steps and enhances overall productivity.

Coach and Mentor: 

Provide guidance and coaching to team members and product owners on Agile principles, Scrum values, and best practices. Foster a culture of collaboration, transparency, and open communication.

Promote Continuous Improvement: 

Encourage a mindset of continuous improvement within the team. Facilitate retrospectives to reflect on processes, celebrate successes, and identify opportunities for enhancement.


Collaborate with Stakeholders: 

Work closely with product owners, stakeholders, and other teams to ensure clear communication, alignment of priorities, and successful delivery of business value.

Metrics and Reporting: 

Conduct regular assessments to gauge the team’s Agile maturity, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

Provide insightful reports on the business value delivered by the team, showcasing tangible outcomes and their impact on organizational objectives. Use data-driven insights to guide continuous improvement efforts.

If you see yourself in this role, we would like to get to know you. Send us your application in the form below, by 30.06.2024.

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